Winter Hiking Trails Near Rutherford Heights

There’s nothing quite like winter hiking—all that freshly fallen snow, crisp air, the quiet and beauty of the forest. If you’re excited about spending more time outdoors this winter, look no further than your local area trails. Luckily, there are several great options to choose from close to home. Here are our favourite 4 winter hiking trails near Rutherford Heights.

Shopping Near High Park Urban Towns

‘Tis the season to enjoy some shopping! When you live at High Park Urban Towns, you’re spoiled for choice as there are big shopping centres, local plazas, cozy neighbourhood shops and sprawling smart centres to choose from nearby. Whether you’re shopping for everyday necessities for you or your home, or looking for some special gifts for loved ones, here are the best shopping options.

what to do in woodbridge near rutherford heights

These Fall weekends are just glorious, the perfect time to get outside in the sunshine and enjoy the changing colours and cooling temperatures. While many plan a day trip to Kleinburg, Woodbridge, or Vaughan to take in the spectacular Fall colours, those lucky enough to already live in the area get to enjoy the sights the whole season through. Make some memories this autumn by spending a few leisurely hours getting out and exploring. To get you started, here are our top suggestions for what to do in Woodbridge near Rutherford Heights this weekend.

summer activities in aurora

This summer, let’s make the most of it! While this might not seem like the right time of year to make a to-do list, we’re firm believers in scheduling fun. We’ve put together a few ideas you might want to incorporate into your own plans; be sure to write them down so you don’t forget them. Here are a few fun summer activities in Aurora that are definitely worth checking out.

organic produce next to uplands of swan lake

Spring is here and with it the promise of fresh fruits and vegetables just weeks away. It’s the perfect time too, when we’re all in need of a little reinvigorating in the kitchen. Now is the time to find the inspiration for some new, creative meals for your family, all while keeping healthy eating in mind. Fortunately, there are lots of great grocery purveyors in Richmond Hill. Here are our favourite places to shop for organic produce next to Uplands of Swan Lake.

transportation options near uplands of swan lake

The Uplands of Swan Lake development in Richmond Hill is ideally located close to green space and golf courses. Bruce’s Mill Conservation Park is nearby, just to the east, and Wilcox Lake is one block west at Bayview Avenue. There are also several convenient transportation options available to help you move easily throughout the area and make the most of your new neighbourhood. Here we explore some of the best ways to get around in this pocket of Richmond Hill.

live in Richmond Hill

The Uplands of Swan Lake townhome community has much to offer. One of the biggest draws is Richmond Hill itself, with its ideal mix of development, modern amenities, and a focus on wide-open greenspaces and protecting the natural environment. Here are just a few of our top reasons to live in Richmond Hill.

stores next to uplands of swan lake

2020 has certainly been a year full of adjustments, and one of the things many families are trying is home delivery and curbside pickup for shopping. Luckily Richmond Hill has many local stores that deliver, so you can conveniently have your purchases brought straight to your door! Read on for our top picks.