organic produce next to uplands of swan lake

Where To Get Organic Produce Next To Uplands Of Swan Lake

Spring is here and with it the promise of fresh fruits and vegetables just weeks away. It’s the perfect time too, when we’re all in need of a little reinvigorating in the kitchen. Now is the time to find the inspiration for some new, creative meals for your family, all while keeping healthy eating in mind. Fortunately, there are lots of great grocery purveyors in Richmond Hill. Here are our favourite places to shop for organic produce next to Uplands of Swan Lake.

Frank’s Organic Garden


You’ll enjoy shopping for organic ingredients to cook with for your family at Frank’s Organic Garden in Aurora. They are committed to selling only the freshest organically grown produce and all of their fruits and vegetables are freshly picked, organic, and locally grown whenever possible. They also carefully inspect their produce and handpick only the very best. The marketplace is known for its field-to-table philosophy, which is also shared by the onsite restaurant of the same name.

Loblaws In Richmond Hill


Loblaw’s is a reliable purveyor of fresh foods and thanks to their buying power and supply chain access they have a steady stock of organic produce available for shoppers. The PC Organics line of products even includes frozen fruits and vegetables, drinks, juice shots, strained baby food, bite-sized smoothie melts, and freeze-dried snacks for toddlers. Their popular organics brand extends across all of the grocery aisles so you can find healthy options in every category.

Zephyr Organics Farm Share


We’re just a few months away from being able to participate in one of the highlights of any summer, a farm share program! Zephyr Organics Farm Share offers organic vegetable delivery in Richmond Hill from June to October. Simply pre-purchase a plan for either a whole or a half-share, veggies or fruit, and enjoy regular home delivery of a box of organic produce for 22 glorious weeks. All of their fruits and vegetables are grown on over 100 acres in Uxbridge Township. You can eat with the seasons and enjoy peace of mind about the health, safety, and ethics of your food, all while supporting this third-generation family-owned farm. 

Mama Earth Organics


Mama Earth Organics is another great subscription service and it delivers to the Richmond Hill area weekly on Fridays. You can shop for everything online, including every grocery category you can think of. They specialize in sustainable, local, organic groceries from 150 local farms and makers. You start by selecting a basket size (small, regular, large, family, extra large, and ultimate family) and type (only local, only fruit, only veg). You can also order items individually, shopping just as you would in person at a store. The system they’ve created is straightforward and easy to use.

Nature’s Emporium Newmarket


Nature’s Emporium Newmarket is a bit of a drive at just under 20 minutes away, but it’s worth a visit if you’re looking for natural and organic foods, produce, and groceries. Their fresh produce is always organic; they also have a natural and organic bistro, and an organic and fair trade juice and smoothie bar and cafe. For convenience, the store offers curbside pickup and delivery for seniors. 

These are just a few of our favourite spots to find organic produce next to Uplands of Swan Lake. You’re likely to discover a few more! Thanks for reading and be sure to follow along with the Caliber blog for more great lifestyle tips.