Why Is Vaughan Ranked As One Of The Best Cities To Live And Work In?

Why Is Vaughan Ranked As One Of The Best Cities To Live And Work In?

Vaughan’s remarkable transformation over the years has firmly established it as one of the top cities to live and work in. After witnessing a population growth of 80.2% from 1996 to 2006, according to Statistics Canada, Vaughan evolved into the 5th largest city in the Greater Toronto Area. Its appeal, especially among new entrepreneurs, is a testament to its vibrant economy and quality of life. From its thriving community-like feel to promising opportunities, we narrowed down the top 5 factors that contribute to Vaughan’s appeal.

Let’s explore the top reasons why Vaughan is ranked as one of the best cities in Ontario:

The Real Estate Boom

Recognizing the city’s promise, developers and builders have invested heavily in the area, leading to an influx of new residential, commercial, and mixed-use developments. These projects have not only enriched Vaughan’s housing market with a variety of beautiful and affordable homes but also contributed to the creation of a well-connected community. This development surge enables residents to enjoy a balanced lifestyle where living, working, and leisure activities are all conveniently accessible, further enhancing Vaughan’s attractiveness as a prime location for both families and businesses.

  1. Connectivity & Location

  2. Vaughan’s strategic location, just 40 minutes north of Toronto and bordered by major highways – 400, 404, and 407, positions it as a hub of exceptional connectivity. This city is one of the first cities outside Toronto to foster the TTC Subway System, offering extensive public transit routes. The upcoming introduction of the Finch West LRT, complete with dedicated corridors for cyclists and e-scooters, is set to further enhance transit connectivity. This improved accessibility within and outside the region is a boon for businesses, facilitating employee and customer access, while also providing residents with convenient options for commuting to work or leisure destinations, underscoring Vaughan’s commitment to efficient and inclusive transportation solutions.


Vaughan residents have access to a rich educational landscape with over 100 public schools and 50 private elementary and high schools. For those seeking post-secondary education, the city is home to campuses of Niagara University and Humber College, offering world-class programs and opportunities for higher learning. Additionally, with over 150 licensed childcare centers, Vaughan is an ideal location for working parents, providing ample options for quality childcare. The range of options for the educational needs of all age groups is one of the primary factors that set Vaughan apart from other cities.

  1. Employment & Business Opportunities

  2. Vaughan’s thriving economy offers abundant opportunities, particularly in sectors like manufacturing, retail, and construction, with emerging fields gaining momentum. As the largest economy in the York Region in 2018, boasting a GDP of $20.6 million, the city is a hub of innovation and growth. Its robust transportation network and superior infrastructure draw in a skilled workforce, quality suppliers, and a range of business prospects. In the up-and-coming downtown core, the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre is on track to feature extensive commercial and retail space spanned across 2.25 million sqft attracting a wide range of businesses.

Lifestyle Amenities

Lifestyle amenities in Vaughan significantly enhance the living experience for its residents, blending modern healthcare, recreational activities, and natural beauty. The introduction of Cortelluci Vaughan Hospital, the first fully smart hospital, in 2021 marked a leap in advanced healthcare services. For leisure, the city is a treasure trove with options like Canada’s Wonderland, Legoland Discovery Centre, and the popular Vaughan Mills shopping center. Nature enthusiasts can revel in the extensive parklands and green spaces, including Boyd Conservation Area and Kortright Centre for Conservation. Moreover, Vaughan’s reputation as Canada’s Golf Capital, championed by The National Golf Club of Canada, offers golfing enthusiasts a premium experience. These diverse amenities not only cater to a wide range of interests and needs but also contribute to Vaughan’s appeal as a vibrant and fulfilling place to live.

In light of all the reasons mentioned above and more, Vaughan continues to gain popularity among people who prefer a convenient and quiet lifestyle. Our newest townhouse community, Rutherford Heights is coming to Vaughan, register here.