Fall Nature Walks Near Rutherford Heights

It’s the perfect time of year to enjoy long walks outdoors. The sun continues to shine under blue skies, the air is getting cooler, and we can watch the leaves changing colour as the weeks go by. If you enjoy being active, getting outside for some fresh air, and hearing the satisfying crunch of leaves underfoot, you’ll love these suggestions for scenic trails you can explore nearby. Here are our favourite Fall nature walks near Rutherford Heights.

Schools Near Rutherford Heights

When moving to a new area, many of us want to know as much as we can about what’s located nearby. One of the most important features that young couples and families in particular will ask is about the local schools: what choices are in the neighbourhood, are they within walking distance, and what does each one have to offer my child? Rutherford Heights, at Hwy 27 and Rutherford Road in Vaughan, is surrounded by a number of great options; here is our list of standout schools.

DIY Fall Wreath

This Fall, why not decorate with an autumn-themed wreath? Wreaths aren’t just for front doors, though they certainly make a welcoming statement there; you can also use them in your interior decor too, hanging them from doors, window frames, banisters, and in front of mirrors. Here are our 4 favourite DIY Fall wreath ideas—each is an easy project that requires just a few materials.

rutherfors heights floorplan walkthrough

The Varley model in our Rutherford Heights development of upscale townhomes has a lot to offer. A corner unit, the Varley has the greatest amount of living space at 2,401 sq ft, and it comes in two elevations. With beautiful, open living spaces, lots of room to entertain friends and family, as well as luxuriously appointed private spaces to retreat to at the end of a long day, this model has it all. Read on to learn all about the Varley with our Rutherford Heights floor plan walkthrough.

breweries to check out in vaughan

Summer is the perfect time to do a bit of exploring on the food and drink fronts. We’ve all got a bit more time on our hands, are ready to socialize, and are looking for that great new (delicious) find. Discover an array of exciting and creative food-based businesses located right here in Vaughan—these local distilleries, in particular, are definitely worth a visit. Here are our recommendations for 4 breweries to check out in Vaughan this summer.

twists on traditional cocktails

Cocktails are a welcome indulgence year-round but they absolutely shine in the summer months. We’re all enjoying meals al fresco and entertaining outdoors once again, so what better time to elevate our cocktail game? We’ve found a few summer classics that could definitely be considered perennial favourites, but that have been updated a little bit. Here are 5 twists on traditional cocktails to serve this weekend.

shoping near Rutherford Heights

When you live at Rutherford Heights, you can easily find everything you’ll need nearby. Whether you’re looking for home furnishings and decor, outdoor lawn and garden equipment, or the essentials required to keep your household running, there are a number of different shopping destinations in the local area to choose from. From budget options to high end, we’ve rounded up what we think is the best shopping near Rutherford Heights.

reasons to live in vaghan

There are many great places to live within the Greater Toronto Area and settling on one is often a matter of personal taste. Convenience plays an important role too, as most of us want to have a reasonable commute to work, be close to family, and ideally wish to live in a neighbourhood that offers a lot of amenities. The City of Vaughan certainly scores high on the desirability scale for many; here are our top 5 reasons to live in Vaughan. 

things to do this summer near Rutherford Heights

Summer is finally here! Time to make the most of it and start filling up our calendars with social invitations and not-to-be-missed seasonal festivals and events. This year there is a lot to look forward to, including outdoor concerts, food fests, and kid-friendly celebrations. Read on to learn more about four great things to do this summer near Rutherford Heights.

Your Family Will Love Rutherford Heights

There are many reasons to love living in Rutherford Heights. First, you have the luxurious accommodations themselves, which happen to be surrounded by lots of green space. Then the proximity to every amenity you could possibly imagine. Next is the excellent location, followed by the convenience and ease of getting around the wider city. We’ve rounded up just a couple of the development’s greatest selling points here, including four reasons your family will love Rutherford Heights.