Summer Entertaining

The Ultimate Guide to Summer Entertaining by Caliber

When you only get a handful of sweet Summer months, you want nothing but to make the most of them. With warm weather, clear skies, nature in full bloom, and that sweet summer scent, there’s no better time to host a party in the comfort of your own backyard. As fun as parties are, hosting one can be a bit of a task and we hear you. So today we’ve put together ‘The Ultimate Summer Entertaining Guide’.

Without further ado, let’s get down to business and straighten out other details of your perfect summer party!

Curating The Vibes

The Basics

First things first, you have to decide on a theme and then build everything around it. Not only does it make the party more fun but it also makes it easier for the host to organize everything. You have the option to stick with a timeless classic like a BBQ or dinner party, or venture into more playful territory, such as hosting a Taylor Swift Era’s Tour party! And,  since we’re big fans of ‘hacks,’  here’s one for you: if time is tight or you’re still honing your culinary skills, consider a potluck gathering! A potluck party allows everyone to savour dishes from diverse cultures, alleviating half the stress of cooking for the host while fostering a delightful culinary adventure for all.


A masterfully curated playlist goes a long way in the vibe department. What would an 80s party be without that killer 80s playlist anyways? There are tons of playlists out there to help you curate your summer vibe  if you’re tight on time too. Plus, running out of conversation topics and awkward silences happen to the best of us. Your curated playlist can be an ice breaker, amp up the energy, and mask any potentially awkward moments.


Investing in patio furniture is one thing that goes a long way. When hosting a party, you want to make sure that there’s enough space for everyone to sit comfortably, and relax. No matter what your theme is, ample seating is always the vibe!

Make it pop

Adding colours to your decor can elevate the whole mood of the party and it can be as simple as having colourful or patterned cushions, table linens, glassware and dishes. Our personal favourite touch is to add paper straws with a pattern – fun and sustainable!

The Food

Snack station

Having a snack station at your party is a complete game-changer and will definitely land you the “Best Host” title. While people get started with drinks, they’ll be able to help themselves with the snacks without you even lifting a finger. It also acts as the perfect buffer while you’re setting up the main course. Some easy options include – chips, crackers, hummus, dips, and trail mix– bonus points for clever names!

Dietary Restrictions

Here’s the key to really bringing it home – keeping dietary restrictions in mind for vegans, vegetarians, and anybody with allergies. It’s important that everyone feels welcome and is able to enjoy along with the other guests. A quick pasta salad with red pepper and asparagus makes for a delicious vegan option! A quick pinterest search can go a long way if you’re stuck.

The Drinkies

Drink station

Similar to a snack station, having a drinks station makes it so much easier for the host and for the guests. Everyone will be able to help themselves, and stay hydrated! This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the party without stressing out. 

Cocktails & Mocktails

Last but certainly not least, it’s not a party without a good cocktail and a mocktail. We’re going to let you in on the perfect recipes for a summer party that we absolutely swear by!

– Tequila-Watermelon Aguas Frescas with Prosecco: Pureé some watermelon (~20 cups), strain it and add simple syrup, tequila, lime slices, mint sprigs and ½ cup of water. Once your watermelon agua fresca is ready, pour it into a glass and leave roughly an inch at the top. Top it off with chilled Prosecco and voila!

– Virgin Strawberry-Mango Margaritas: 3 cups of frozen strawberries, 1 ½ cups ice, ½ cup water, ⅓ cup lime, ¼ cup orange juice, and 2 tbsp simple syrup – blend it all until smooth. Set it aside and repeat the process with 3 cups of frozen mango. To serve, layer the two margaritas in a glass or stir it for a swirled design!

We hope you have a summer filled with endless joy and laughter, and may you be the best host there ever was! Stay tuned to the Caliber blog to learn about more ways to make the most of this summer.