moving checklist

Plan Your Moving Checklist So Your Big Day Goes Smoothly

Planning a move involves thinking about just about every aspect of your life: your belongings, your family, actual moving logistics, plus all of the services and utilities you rely on day to day. Because of this, you need to stay on top of multiple details, and this is where checklists can come in handy. If an upcoming move is on your horizon, use this moving checklist to ensure your big day goes smoothly.

Declutter And Sort Through Your Things


Make sure you’ll only be moving the things you really need. This means getting rid of anything you’re not using regularly, including pieces of furniture, clothing, linens, kitchen gadgets, dishware, and books. Doing this ahead of time will make your move much easier, as you’ll be packing and transporting fewer things as well as creating space in your new home. Be sure to keep unwanted items out of the trash, instead giving them to charity, local recycling efforts, or family and friends.

Book A Moving Company


As soon as you know your moving date, do some research into moving companies. Before committing to a specific one, get at least three quotes from local movers that have good reviews and reputations. Once you have the service booked, it’s time to start stocking up on moving supplies. Start by asking family and friends if they have any boxes, bins, furniture covers, packing tape, bubble wrap, packing materials, or labels they no longer need, then fill in the gaps by purchasing the rest, either from the moving company itself, a big box store, or an office supply store. 

Pack As Much As You Can In Advance


The sooner you have packing materials, the sooner you can get to work! Pack as much as you can in advance, and label where you intend each box to go in your new place. This will make sorting through your things easier upon arrival, and lessen confusion for your movers about what goes where. Make a separate plan for how you’ll transport your valuables; many prefer to move these items themselves in their car, keeping them out of the moving truck with its heavier cargo.

Contact Utilities And Insurance Companies


To ensure you have needed service and protection on site from the start of your moving day, contact your utilities and insurance companies well in advance. You’ll want to arrange for immediate coverage in your new home; this includes auto insurance, home or renter’s insurance, medical and life insurance. For service disconnection/connection you’ll need to contact the gas, electric, water, telephone, and cable TV companies. Remember to keep your utilities connected at your current home throughout your moving day as well; you’ll need and want service at both your old and new addresses for the day to go smoothly. 

Notify Your Network Re: Change Of Address


There are others you’ll want to notify regarding your change of address. If you have any subscriptions that come to the house (newspapers, magazines) be sure to send them your new information. Think too about all of the professionals you deal with: your child’s school, your dentist, doctor, bank, and Canada Post. Make sure the information linked with your credit card is updated too. We don’t often realize just how large our personal networks are until a big life change like a move occurs.

We hope this list will help get you organized for moving day. Thanks for reading and be sure to follow along with the Caliber blog for more great lifestyle tips.