Living In Woodbridge

The Future Of Living In Woodbridge And How This Suburban Community Is Improving

Woodbridge is already a wonderful place to live, but it’s about to get even better. This part of the Greater Toronto Area is known for many things: terrific housing options, generous green space, and lots of shopping, restaurants, and leisure activities. Those living in Woodbridge—and anyone who is interested in the future of Woodbridge—will be eager to learn the details of a new improvement plan. The Woodbridge Avenue Improvements and Streetscaping Plan outlines a number of enhancements that are being made to the area and are close to completion. Read on to learn more about the future of living in Woodbridge and how this suburban community is improving.

Walking, Cycling, And Transit Use Will Be Supported And Encouraged

In the heart of Woodbridge Village is Woodbridge Avenue, a busy commercial and residential street. In the last decade, the Woodbridge Avenue corridor (and surrounding area), from Islington Avenue to Kipling Avenue, north of Highway 7, has seen rapid change. There has been a lot of high-density development, which includes residential and mixed-use buildings; this has resulted in increased urbanization. One of the key priorities in the City of Vaughan’s streetscape plan for the historic downtown core is to encourage walking, cycling, and transit use, making it more livable, vibrant, and sustainable. The road will be narrower and there will be more tree-lined boulevard space for walking. With fewer conflicts between pedestrians and vehicles, it will be easier and safer for people to spend time here.

Greater Support For Daily Community Life And Events

Dating back to the mid-1800s, Woodbridge has a rich history with a distinct character and identity. For over a century, Woodbridge Avenue has been the primary thoroughfare for the community, serving as a hub for commerce, culture, and community life. The city’s goal is to support and encourage the creation of a warm and connected community as one of the central goals for the plan is to  provide an increased space for community life and events. The plan is also infused with sustainable design principles and designers envision a place full of restaurants and cafes with great walking areas, where all will feel welcome.

Connecting Woodbridge Avenue To Area Trails And Green Space

While there is already convenient access from Woodbridge Avenue to the trail along the Humber River system,plans are underway to further enhance the space.The plans for the increase in tree coverage within the area will soften and balance out the existing hardscaping, while also providing pedestrians with much-needed shade. Additionally, this will create new habitats and shelter for a variety of animals and birds. A number of enhancements will also be made to the underground infrastructure too, including some road rehabilitation, water main replacements, and sanitary sewer upgrades. Learn more about each of the specific improvements in the works from the Woodbridge Avenue Streetscape Plan.

These are exciting changes for Woodbridge residents, who look forward to seeing the newly redesigned and completed space this summer. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to follow along with the Caliber blog for more information about this great suburban community.