Our Favourite Spots for Weekend Brunch in Kleinburg Next to Port Royal Collection

A leisurely brunch is a great way to start off a weekend! Luckily, our Port Royal Collection is next to some wonderful dining spots in Kleinburg, from casual diners to upscale restaurants. Read on and you’ll never be at a loss next time you are searching for an option for weekend brunch in Kleinburg!

XXI Chophouse


Located in a beautifully detailed heritage estate, XXI Chophouse offers an elevated brunch experience. Be sure to leave yourself time to walk around the gardens of the estate, known as The Doctor’s House, and bask in the warm light of the many fireplaces as you dine. Long treasured by Kleinburg residents for its Sunday brunch tradition, XXI Chophouse serves a menu that rotates with the seasons, but always draws from the chef’s Italian influences. Your whole family will enjoy the seafood, omelette, and salad offerings at this delightful weekend brunch in Kleinburg!

The Cookie Crumble Cafe

A great choice if you’re looking for something casual or suitable for kids, The Cookie Crumble Cafe serves up fresh homestyle baked goods you can’t miss! Known for on-site, daily preparation and avoidance of preservatives, this cafe promises to offer its customers only the best ingredients. Their smaller menu emphasizes quality over quantity, with options like farm-fresh mennonite eggs and banana loaf French toast. As the name suggests, they’re famous for their desserts, so be sure to grab a cookie before you go!

Caffe al Volo


This Italian-style cafe has limited seating room, but nonetheless offers a great breakfast and attracts fewer crowds during the busy weekend mornings. Their breakfast sandwiches (with vegetarian options available) are the main draw, along with their locally-sourced coffee. If you’re adventurous with your coffee, try one of Caffe al Volo’s specialty options like the Nutellino. Flavoured with childhood favourite Nutella with a glass rimmed in hazelnuts, it’s a special weekend treat to reward you for the week ahead!

Diner on 50


If you love Greek food, this next option is sure to please! Family owned and operated, this restaurant aims to conjure up the nostalgia associated with the diner heyday of the ‘50s. Diner on 50 aims to use only the freshest ingredients and avoid all frozen food. The brunch menu is a mix of breakfast favourites like scrambled eggs and Greek cuisine staples such as feta and olives. Try them out if you’re looking for a weekend brunch in Kleinburg with a Greek twist!

Now that you have an overview of brunch options in Kleinburg, we’re sure your weekends are about to improve! Keep your eyes peeled for more great breakfast spots as Kleinburg is known for its many wonderful restaurants. Bon appétit and be sure to follow the Caliber blog for more great restaurant tips!