The Best Home Lighting Upgrades For Each Room In Your House

Experts agree that when it comes to upgrading your home, lighting is one of the least expensive projects with the highest reward. The sheer range of options can be overwhelming, however, so we’ve come up with a list of the best home lighting upgrades to suit each area of your house! Read on to shed some light on this all-important aspect of home decor.



A great kitchen functions as not only a gathering place for friends and family, but a well-organized workspace to prepare meals. Layers of lighting allow you to control the brightness to suit your needs. Under cabinet LED lights are one of the best home lighting upgrades since they illuminate counters while leaving the rest of the room free of harsh light. To create a welcoming mood, we suggest pendant lights above your kitchen island. These are a much softer light source, and invite your guests to sit at the island while you prepare food.

Living Room


Wall sconces are decorative lights mounted to your wall. With so many designs available, wall sconces really allow you to show off your style! Another benefit is that they provide the requisite amount of lighting needed in a room and consume less energy. To get the most out of this home lighting upgrade, place sconces strategically next to furniture where you are likely to curl up or allow them to illuminate artwork.



Similar to your kitchen, your bathroom is an area in which you want soft lighting to help you unwind, yet also need adequate lighting when applying makeup or shaving. ‘Task lighting’ placed near vanities or showers is a home lighting upgrade you’ll be sure to appreciate in this room. Look for bar lighting that can be placed above a mirror to illuminate the counter area. Another suggestion is to install recessed shower lighting. Having multiple light sources allows you to dim lights when needed so you can turn your bathroom into your own personal spa!



Your bedroom is your retreat to relax and recharge. Good lighting can set the mood for you to unwind before bed. A recent trend we love is pendant lighting on each side of your bed. This dramatic home lighting upgrade catches the eye and allows you to save space on your bedside table since there’s no need for lamps. If you have a recessed headboard nook above your bed, placing lighting there is a no-brainer! Pot lights fit perfectly and allow soft lighting to illuminate your bed and the surrounding area.

These are our choices for the best home lighting upgrades, but there are more to be discovered. Visit your local hardware store and talk to experts about your particular home lighting needs. You’ll find your home can be transformed with just a few tweaks! Thanks for reading and remember to follow the Caliber Homes blog for more decor ideas.