Give your home a spring makeover on a budget

We can finally say it, Spring is almost here! And you know what that means, a whole bunch of spring cleaning and redecorating. Don’t put it off this year, get right into the spring spirit, and you’ll have your home ready just in time for the sunshine. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, check out these tips for giving your home a spring makeover on a budget.

Swap your thick curtains for sheer, lacy ones


There’s a time and a place for thick curtains, and that’s in the cold winter months. To open up your home, and soak up all the natural lighting you can get, all you have to is store away any thick, bulky curtains and covers, and replace them with sheer, light-coloured and lacy ones. You’ll notice the warm, spring-time vibes almost instantly!

Have fun with flowers and fruit bowls




When we think of spring, we think of flowers and fruit – these natural goodies can give more life to your home. Simply scatter your favourite flowers, plants and succulents around your place, and always have a fresh fruit bowl handy! We also recommend cleaning your place with natural (lemon and lime) cleaners to give your home that sweet, spring-like smell that will last.

Wash your windows

In addition to stripping your windows of thick curtains, you’re going to also want to give them a nice wash. During the cold months, there is always a ton of buildup and residue that accumulates. Take natural-scented window products (as stated above!) and give both sides of your windows a nice wipe. This will allow sun to shine through easily, and make your house feel cleaner on the inside.

A pretty pastel paint job

A little bit of paint can go a long way! Nothing says spring like light pink, yellow and blue hues. Whether you decide to paint a whole room, or just add a nice accent wall, a springtime paint job can make even the rainiest days feel bright! You can even get creative with wallpaper and decals, whatever suits your fancy.

Colour-code your books and belongings

Don’t underestimate the magic of mirrors



Mirror, mirror on the wall, your home can be the fairest of them all. Mirrors are one way to make your space look much bigger, while amplifying any lighting you may have. Get creative with placement, like putting them near your plants/windows to highlight the greenery, or in dark corners to give them a new life – you won’t be disappointed!

We hope you learned a thing or two, and that you enjoy the nice, warm weather that’s on its way. If you’d like to learn more about Caliber Homes, please visit us at http://www.caliberhomes.ca/.