beautiful summer lawn

Easy Tips For A Beautiful Summer Lawn

It’s easy right now to take your picture-perfect grass for granted; this time of year it’s still brand new, so it’s naturally thick, plush, and vibrant green. But we’ve all seen our lawns take an unfortunate turn, from healthy to withering, drying out, or developing patches. To keep your grass in top condition throughout the warmer months, here are some easy tips for a beautiful summer lawn.

Don’t Cut Your Grass Too Short


It can be tempting to cut your grass a little shorter than usual, in hopes you won’t have to do it as often. This approach can backfire, however, because without sufficient length your grass will be left too vulnerable. With hot, sunny days it is more likely to burn—and we all know how tough it is to bring a stressed, burnt lawn back to life. Instead, mow your lawn on the highest setting. When your grass is longer its roots are too, allowing it to reach further down into the soil looking for moisture on the driest, hottest days. Longer grass also helps to shade the soil, which helps slow evaporation and increase your lawn’s heat tolerance. Aim for 2.5 to 3 inches for ideal blade length in the summer.

Develop Good Watering Habits


It can take a while to get to know exactly how much water your lawn needs to thrive, so the sooner you develop good watering habits, the better. Longer grass needs less moisture than shorter grass, but it still requires regular watering. Lawn care experts advise watering deeply and infrequently, as this will make your grass more resilient. During the hot summer months, aim for 1 inch of water every week; if you can’t go quite that long, try sticking to a schedule of every 4-5 days. Because of the heat, evaporation is a major issue, so it’s best to water in the early morning between 6 am and 10 am.

Stay On Top Of Weeds


Weeds can take over in a flash, so pay close attention to any issues that arise and address them immediately. There are ecologically friendly ways to rid your lawn of weeds, so you needn’t worry about having to resort to using harmful chemicals. Good old-fashioned sweat equity works best: pull out weeds by hand as soon as you see them, right down to the root to make sure all traces are gone from the soil. This will prevent them from blooming and spreading seeds. Staying on top of weeds also benefits your neighbours; once weeds have become well-established in your yard, chances are they’ve already spread to other properties too.

Get Rid Of Pests


Much like with weeds, if you notice anything amiss with your lawn and suspect you have pests, act on it quickly. Certain bugs can run rampant and destroy your lawn in no time at all. Japanese beetles are a real nuisance in Southern Ontario, as are June bugs and chinch bugs; they nibble away at your grass, creating bare patches and causing your grass to wilt. If you don’t act fast enough, Japanese beetles, for example, lay eggs that later hatch into grubs who will absolutely feast on your grass. To avoid this, apply a preventative pest control product. 

Maintain Your Lawn Mower


We don’t often take as good care of our tools as we should, and our lawn mowers are no exception. Proper maintenance means replacing the oil in your gas mower at least once a year, especially if it’s old, black, or contains debris. Drain what remains and replace with new oil. Make sure the air filter is clean, and that your blade is free of debris and sharpened regularly. Experts also recommend changing the spark plug annually and giving your lawn mower a thorough cleaning at least a couple of times a year.

With these tips at the ready, you should have everything you need to keep your lawn in great shape this summer. Thanks for reading and be sure to follow along with the Caliber blog for more great home and garden maintenance tips.