ideas for an easter egg hunt

6 Unique Ideas For An Easter Egg Hunt

This Easter, why not get a little creative with your Easter egg hunt? To add even more excitement to an activity that’s already pretty hard to beat, we’ve come up with some interesting ideas that add a special twist. Not to worry, there’s still plenty of chocolate and candy to be had, but for those who want to put a new spin on their holiday hunt, we’ve got you covered. Here are six unique ideas for an Easter egg hunt.

Tuck A Few Clues Into Those Plastic Eggs

Rather than the eggs being the end goal, in this version of an egg hunt they are only the beginning! Your little one will open each egg to find a handwritten clue that directs them where to find a special treat. This is especially great for early readers as there’s a learning aspect too: kids get practice following directions and it reinforces several key directional concepts, such as over and under, between, beside, behind and in front of, around and through. Kids have to work a bit more for their treats and you can have fun coming up with meaningful places to hide all that chocolate, candy, and treasure.

Create A Scavenger Hunt

There’s nothing quite like a good scavenger hunt. Start by printing out a list of Easter-themed items that your child must find and bring back to you. The catch: they must find everything on the list before they can receive their Easter treat! You could reward them with a pre-filled Easter basket or toy. The treat could also be the basket itself, along with the news that they can now commence the hunt for eggs! If you have older kids, get them involved too; they might enjoy creating missions for their younger siblings and likely have some great ideas to contribute.

Piece It All Together

Those colourful plastic Easter eggs also just happen to be the perfect vessel for concealing puzzle pieces—so clever! Place a piece of a puzzle (or two) inside each plastic egg; your child must find all the eggs and assemble the puzzle in order to win a prize or claim their Easter basket. You could also opt to build the puzzle together as a family, maybe after enjoying a nice Easter breakfast or brunch. The only hitch with this twist? You have to be sure that all the eggs are found or your puzzle will be incomplete. 

Make A Meal Of It

Who says Easter eggs can only be filled with sugary treats? Instead, you can make an impressive lunchtime spread for little ones that will fill their tummies and offer some nutrition. Keep an empty egg carton on hand so that when they return with their haul, there will be a way to neatly display what they’ve found. Fill the eggs with all the fixings for a yummy lunch and be sure to include many of their favourites. Suggestions: bite-sized sandwiches, goldfish crackers, grapes, cheese cubes, pretzel sticks, gummy bears, and a few chocolate Easter eggs of course.

Name That Challenge

Make your Easter egg hunt this year double as a learning activity for the little ones—and help keep things fair at the same time. If there will be more than one child participating in your hunt, write each child’s name on different eggs so that they have to find the ones that are specifically meant for them. Young ones will get a thrill out of finding something with their name on it, while the older, faster kids won’t take a disproportionate share of all the goodies. This approach helps prolong the hunt a bit and makes it a little more fair.

Invite Everyone’s Favourite Colourful Bricks To The Party

This is probably our favourite idea of all: hiding Lego pieces inside your plastic Easter eggs. Buy a brand new (small) set of Lego that you know your child will be excited to build and spread out the pieces among your collection of Easter eggs. After the hunt is over and all the eggs are retrieved, your child will be absorbed in building the set. What a great memory to create and it comes with a keepsake!

We hope we’ve inspired you to put an extra fun twist on the traditional Easter egg hunt this year. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to follow along with the Caliber blog for more creative ways to celebrate spring.