Your Spring Home Checklist

Spring is just around the corner, and soon the weather will be warmer and the snow will be melting. Springtime is the perfect season to make sure that your home is in top shape, so take advantage of the warmer weather, and use this spring home checklist to ensure everything is in order.

Check Your Roof

Once the snow has melted and the conditions are right, you may want to inspect your roof for any potential damage that occurred over the winter. Harsh conditions like snow, ice, and strong winds can cause damage to shingles, making your roof vulnerable to leaking. Take a moment to inspect your roof, looking for anything that could cause problems in the near future. Taking this step in the spring will save you from having to deal with potential larger problems in the future.

Wash Your Windows

The temperatures in spring provide the perfect opportunity to get out and wash your windows, both inside and out. Over the winter, a buildup of dirt and dust can collect, causing less light to shine through, and creating a dirty appearance. Take advantage of the temperate conditions, and make your windows sparkle and shine!

Check Your Screens

Springtime brings warmer weather, and in Canada, it also brings unwanted insects. Prevent your home from being invaded by any unwanted pests and take some time this spring to inspect your screens. If there are any holes, you can either use a screen repair kit or choose to replace the whole screen. This will prevent you from being invaded by spring insects, and it will keep your home bug free.  

Give Your AC a Tune Up

Before the summer weather arrives, take some time to ensure your air conditioning unit is in good working order. After spending the winter under a blanket of snow, you will want to make sure there is no buildup of organic material around it, like leaves or grass. Remove anything that may clog the unit, preventing it from functioning properly. Be sure to inspect the insulation on the pipes to make sure there are no holes, and replace any parts you can see are damaged. Inspecting your AC unit and giving it a tune-up will allow it to function more efficiently when the weather gets hot.

Do an Interior Deep Clean


Your home has been closed up all winter, collecting dust. The springtime is the perfect season to open up some windows, grab your cleaning supplies, and make your home clean and fresh again! To make the deep cleaning easier, there is a simple checklist you can follow. Although a lot of the tasks may seem demanding, cleaning with this intensity only happens annually, and it is well worth the effort in the end. Taking the time to really clean your house will make it clean and tidy so you can enjoy the spring weather with your family and friends.

Spring is the perfect time to inspect your home and ensure that everything is in good, working order. Whether you check your roof for potential leaks, or you do an interior deep cleaning, taking advantage of the warmer weather will get your home into tip-top shape! For more ideas on spring home maintenance, visit the Caliber Homes Blog.