How To Have A Fun Family Movie Night At Home

When it comes to inside activities, you can’t beat a family movie night. With the advent of streaming services you have plenty of options, and all that’s left is a few special touches to make your night one to remember! Read on to get inspired.

Make Sure You Completely Unplug


If you have any chores or household things that need attending to, do them before you hit play. Encouraging kids to get homework or other tasks finished by promising them a movie afterward can teach them that hard work is often rewarded. Parents should give themselves permission to fully unplug as well. Everyone can get in their pyjamas to encourage maximum relaxation!

Make Your Own Popcorn


Microwaveable popcorn will do in a pinch, but the flavour options that open up when you pop your own shouldn’t be missed. Popcorn kernels are readily available at your local grocery store. Cook them over medium-low heat in a pot with a lid and a bit of oil to prevent burning. Once you can count “one Mississippi” between pops, take the pot off the burner. Here’s your chance to add flavour! We love adding garlic or cumin for some kick, but cheese and even maple syrup are also fun options. You can also get the kids to help you make a mix with M&Ms, pretzels, chocolate chips, or other treats.

Turn Your Living Room Into A Cozy Haven


Bring in as many pillows and blankets as you need to make sure everyone is super comfy! Get creative and make a blanket fort by draping sheets over furniture. Add string lights to set the mood. Either way, setting up your space in a special way can ensure the family movie night feels like a treat.

Add In A Game


If your family is rewatching a classic, consider a fun game everyone can enjoy. If there’s a particular catchphrase that makes repeat appearances, see who can call out first or raise their hand to signal they’ve heard it. You can even involve prizes, such as extra treats or the winner being able to choose the next movie. Involving a game can make family movie night a more interactive experience that bonds you and your loved ones.

When you’re spending a lot of time inside it’s easy to fall out of a routine and forget to make time for fun. Resist that by planning a family movie night! We hope you include some of our simple tips. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow along on the Caliber blog for more lifestyle ideas.