Checklist for Visiting the Design Center

Checklist for Visiting the Design Center

Your home should be a true expression of you, your family, and your lifestyle. The experience of designing it should be an exciting one. Our design specialist will guide you through the process. First we have a checklist to get you thinking about your dream home so that our designers at Caliber Homes Design Center can ensure every aspect meets your vision. To get the most out of your visit, here’s what you’ll need to consider beforehand:

 Know Your Colors

Having a clear idea of the color palettes you want in your home helps you select other things such as cabinets, flooring, and countertops based on how they complement each other.


You can start with perusing design blogs, creating a digital idea book, or tear out paper magazine pages the old fashioned way. Bring in the color swatches that meet your fancy. It’s also a good idea to educate yourself on the current design trends and colours. You may also want to visit houses which are near completion to see what color palettes are being used, and make your decision accordingly.

Take an inventory of your existing furniture

Decide what you would like to incorporate into your new dream home.  Bring a pillow from a sofa that you want to bring into your new home’s design plan.  If you want to keep the same palette from your bedroom, bringing a sham or throw pillows can be helpful in establishing further design aspects of your new bedroom. The same goes for the dining room. You may have fine plateware that are irreplaceable family heirlooms. Bring a sample from your dishes to, and take pictures of your furniture and area rugs. These will all be helpful tools when selecting palettes. Knowing what you have will help narrow down to what you need.


 Needs Versus Wants

Sticking to your budget means knowing your needs versus wants. Prioritize your must-haves and be flexible with those want-to-haves. Make a list of your musts, and a list of the extras you desire but are willing to compromise on —if they cannot be worked into your budgeting.  You may choose to upgrade cabinets and flooring, but compromise on the kitchen backsplash by opting for covering a smaller surface just behind the sink instead of the entire kitchen. Remember, some things can be added or upgraded after construction is complete such as tile, wood flooring, carpet upgrades, fireplace stones, power outlets etc. Cabinets, on the other hand are more difficult to modify later.

 Capture2Bring the decision-makers

To make the most out of your visit to the design center, ensure you are able to make decisions on the spot. Home design is an exciting experience, but it is made all the more smooth if you are able to move ahead productively with decision-making to stay within your time restraints and expectations for completion. If your wife or husband is required to give the final okay on design aspects, ensure that you bring them along. The same goes if you have design-savvy household members such as teenagers that will be choosing their bedroom colour schemes.



Consider What Add-Ons Bring the Most Value

Your design choices will have an impact on your property’s future value. Real estate experts recommend choosing options based on the neighborhood price range and focusing on items that cannot be added easily later.
It’s a good idea to spend a similar amount to what others in the neighborhood are spending on options. Buyer preferences do shift over time, however the top ten features buyers want are centered around storage and energy efficiency. Desirable features such as a well-lit laundry room with extra space for storage, or energy-efficient windows, appliances and HVAC systems are all on the top of the list of buyer preferences. Adding wiring for ceiling fans as an option can save money compared to installing them after the home is finished. Recessed lighting is a feature that’s easier and less expensive to install when the home is being built. Capture3

Keep in mind that kitchens and baths sell homes-so you may want to focus your add-ons in these rooms. Features that contribute to the energy efficiency of a home could add long-term value to the property. This being said, new-home buyers should pick the options they love and that will enhance their lives while they live in the home. After all it is Caliber Home’s ultimate goal for you to move into a home of your dreams, built to the highest standards.