Best Restaurants Near Belmont Towns in Toronto

The GTA is known for its diversity, and luckily that extends to food! Many first and second-generation immigrants have opened restaurants to help recreate their local culture and cuisine. Others have even added their own twist to North American dishes! Either way, our Belmont Towns community in Toronto is rich with great dining options, and we’ve gathered a few here to help you explore different cuisines!

Pizza Hub

Getting the whole family to agree on one meal is difficult, but pizza is one dish that gets everyone excited! With daily specials like Wednesday Walk-ins that include 2 large pizzas for 17.99, Pizza Hub will be kind to your family and your bank account. This small chain has a convenient location near Belmont Towns at 2695 Islington Ave, and boasts completely customizable pizzas with ingredients that will please even the pickiest of eaters. Favourites include nods to the owners’ Indian heritage with paneer and Tandoori chicken. The secret to their success, however, is their wonderfully chewy crust, which has been passed down over four generations. Beyond their pizza, you must try their Indian Style wings, which are a hit with locals! A special spice blend that includes coriander gives a unique twist to this side. Further, Pizza Hub is committed to sustainability and offers all their pies in %100 recyclable materials. Affordability and a crowd-pleasing menu combine to make Pizza Hub one of the best restaurants near Belmont Towns.

Karahi Point


A love of Pakistani culture and rich, spicy flavours combine in the family-owned Karahi Point! Everything is made from scratch with authentic ingredients at this restaurant located at 2642 Islington; famed for its curries and BBQ. The dishes on offer were created with the aim to reconnect with the owners’ Pakistani culture, and they have received the stamp of approval from the local population! Of course, everyone can enjoy their comforting curries, which include favourites like Butter Chicken and Tikka Masala. Lots of vegetarian options are available as well for those with dietary restrictions. Head on over to Karahi Point for a little taste of Pakistan in Toronto!

Yo Amo Tacos

This lively Mexican-owned taco joint at 7034 Islington Ave is decorated with potted palm trees and colourful blankets. Chalkboards are used to write silly messages to the clientele (“Don’t let your beer belly get in the way.”) The menu offers an authentic taste of Mexico, and in fact, the only other location is in Mexico itself! Empanadas, ceviche, and of course tacos, are some of the tasty dishes you can expect when you visit. Their pork belly taco is a classic option, but more unusual ingredients are on offer, such as the fried avocado taco. As a bonus, all their ingredients are %100 organic! With a little something for everyone, it’s no wonder we’ve put Yo Amo Tacos on our list of best restaurants near Belmont Towns!

Hakka No 1

Hakka food is the delicious pairing of Chinese and Indian cooking traditions. The result is aromatic, comforting dishes that are heavy on spices such as garam masala. The 2440 Finch Ave location of Hakka No 1 is a family-oriented restaurant on that strives for a balance between healthiness and great tasting food. Their menu combines the best of both worlds, with treats like vegetable pakoras found alongside Chinese dishes like Kung Pao Chicken. The vibe inside is cozy yet unassuming, and the affordable prices and large portions sizes are one of the many reasons Hakka No 1 is so popular amongst families in Toronto!

We hope we’ve given you a taster of all the great restaurants near our Belmont Towns community in Toronto! It’s a true credit to the vibrant community that so many varied yet authentic cuisines can be found just a short drive from one another. We hope you visit one of our choices soon! Don’t forget to follow along on the Caliber Blog for more helpful tips on where to eat out.