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6 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home Without Buying Anything

From time to time inspiration strikes and we have the urge to re-decorate! However, don’t assume you have to spend money to play interior designer. We have several ideas to spruce up your space without spending any money!

Rearrange Your Living Room Furniture


Rearranging your living room furniture is an easy way to liven up a space. Instead of arranging furniture to face a television, consider placing pieces in a more circular formation, which allows for face-to-face conversation with guests. For extra seating, less bulky chairs can be placed to the side as in the example above. Sofas and chairs are the anchors of your living room, so place coffee and side tables around them where it makes sense. Finally, float your furniture: pulling it a couple of inches away from the wall can actually make your space look bigger.

Display Fruits In A Bowl


Marry form and function by using your groceries as decor! Place apples, citrus fruits, or pears in a bowl. This costs less than flowers but adds a punch of colour to your kitchen or dining area while reminding your family to take advantage of a healthy snack!

Cut Flowers From Your Garden


Speaking of flowers, they are another lovely option for sprucing up your home. If you have a green thumb, cut some from your garden to create a beautiful centrepiece or countertop display. If you don’t have flowers in your garden, greenery from bushes or pine trees will also work.

Spring Cleaning


Instead of adding to your home, think of editing it! You’ll be surprised at how refreshed your space is when cleared of clutter. Clear out pantries and closets, which tend to collect unwanted items. Or attack your basement, where you might uncover objects in storage that you forgot about! Dig out a vase or stack of books which can be displayed elsewhere in your home.

Set The Mood With Lighting


Overhead lighting is a sure-fire way to disrupt the care put into arranging a room. Harsh and unforgiving, it’s often too bright for areas like the bedroom and living room. Instead, scope out your home for table and floor lamps and re-distribute them to best serve your needs. Place one next to a favourite reading nook or by the entranceway. Another option is string lights, which add a boho effect. Feel free to use Christmas lights, as long as they are white.

Restyle Your Shelves


You might not have noticed that something on your mantle matches perfectly with something in your bookcase! Try mixing and matching ornaments from around your house to achieve a different look. Keep in mind when styling shelves that the best results come from grouping items in odd numbers and using a variety of heights.

We hope we’ve inspired you to look at your home differently and find ways to spruce it up without spending money! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow the Caliber blog for more great decorating tips.