Caliber Homes is not only known for its luxurious and high-end homes. We are also esteemed for our advancements and knowledge of the builder world and how to stay ahead of the competition. One of the ways we do this is staying up to date on the latest real estate market trends. Caliber Homes is committed to providing the most innovative building services to our clients, and here are some examples of how we achieve that!

The long, hot days of summer are coming to an end and a hint of fall is in the air. With cooler weather just around the corner, this is the perfect time to make sure your home is ready to face the upcoming season with this ultimate fall home maintenance list.

The Kleinburg Crown Estates

Nestled amongst the picturesque ravines near the village of Kleinburg sits a stunning neighbourhood featuring luxurious executive homes with the highest quality architectural designs, surrounded by this gorgeous, natural setting. The Kleinburg Crown Estates is the perfect place to raise a family and enjoy a life close to amenities without the busy city life. For a better perspective on the quality of life that comes with a Caliber Home, here is an exclusive feature on the new Tiffany Model.

With a new school year approaching, it is time to consider which educational institution is the best fit for your family. With many private schools in the area, Richmond Hill is the perfect location to ensure that your child receives the highest quality education. To make your decision easier, this guide will let you know about all of the top private schools in the Richmond Hill area.

For the majority of your life you have dedicated time, effort, and money towards ensuring your children had the best life possible. Now that they have grown and moved out, that empty bedroom in the home can open up new opportunities for you and your spouse! Here are 6 ways a spare bedroom can enhance your lifestyle.

Kleinburg Crown Estates

Caliber Homes is known for the luxury and class associated with each development we build. These gorgeous neighbourhoods are always built to the highest standards for our clients. Over the last few months, Kleinburg Crown Estates has been under construction, with plans for further development. Here is an update on what is happening with the homes at Kleinburg Crown Estates.

Broadway is a place of inspiration and motivation, and as such, it makes a perfect theme for interior design. The idea of hopes and dreams coming to life on the big stage is exciting and can instill a feeling of passion in a person. Interior designers are embracing the energy and glamour of Broadway and bringing it into the home as a source of decor. Here are some Broadway inspired decor ideas that work at home.  

Summertime is just around the corner and your backyard is beckoning to you, inviting you to enjoy everything that it has to offer. Before you set off to entertain in your yard, ensure that everything is in order and that your backyard is the outdoor oasis it should be, with this summer checklist for your outdoor space.

The feeling of luxury and class within your home  is easy to achieve if you follow popular design trends and arrange your home so that the common areas are open and spacious. The open concept living and dining combination is becoming more common in homes, and is the perfect arrangement for hosting dinner parties, or encouraging social interactions with the family. Here are some tips on planning an open concept living and dining room area.  

The process of purchasing a house and understanding a mortgage can be a challenge, and requires responsibility and careful planning. With the right preparatory steps, however, you can purchase a house while avoid any major stressors. Here are 5 tips to prepare you for your future mortgage.