Your Winter Home Checklist

As the weather continues to get colder, we think it’s important to have a way to make sure your house is as ready for the cold as you are. Use this handy guide as a checklist to protect your home from the cold, and protect you from any winter-related surprises.

Check your smoke detectors

Winter Home Checklist

The first step to winter-proofing your home begins with your smoke detector. Checking it every winter can help ensure your safety for the year ahead. Simply (and carefully) press and hold the test button on your smoke detector. After a few seconds, you should hear a loud, ear-piercing siren. If the sound is weak or nonexistent, you need to replace your batteries. This is a good thing to check every once in awhile throughout the year, but be sure to do it at least once during the wintertime.

Reverse your ceiling fans

Winter Home Checklist

This is a simple swap that you may not be familiar with! All you have to do is switch the direction of your ceiling fan (so it spins in a clockwise direction) to force warm air downward. On most fan models, there is generally a small switch on the fan to reverse the direction. This will redistribute any warm air trapped near the top of the ceiling, ultimately saving you money and making your home that much warmer.

Check around your windows and doors

Winter Home Checklist

You might find this one to be the most important on your list – a quick, yet thorough, inspection around all doors and windows to check for air-tightness. On a windy day, carefully hold a lit incense stick or candle next to your windows, doors, electrical boxes, plumbing fixtures, electrical outlets, ceiling fixtures, baseboards and any other location where there might be a possible air leak. If the smoke travels horizontally, you have located a space that may need caulking, sealing, or weatherstripping.

Test your furnace and thermostat

Winter Home Checklist

For starters, give your system a full test. If needed, you should consult a technician for any necessary tune ups. A great tip is to also install a programmable thermostat that can automatically lower your house’s temperature when nobody is home. By lowering your thermostat by 10 to 15 degrees, you could save up 15% of your heating costs every year.

Lubricate your outdoor facing locks

Winter Home Checklist

This trick may save you this winter. Spray any lock of yours that face the outdoors with a powdered-graphite lubricant to avoid any unnecessary freezing and sticking in the harsh winter weather. Canada’s salty air can do a number to locks, hinges and doors, so be sure to do this every year if you want to beat this problem for good.

Whatever you’re getting up to this winter, make sure your home is as ready as you are. Checking these few things regularly can help make this winter the best one yet! If you’d like more great ideas like these, or to learn more about Caliber Homes, please visit us at http://www.caliberhomes.ca