style a mantelpiece

Tips For Styling A Mantel

Your mantel is the centrepiece of your living room, the first thing guests are likely to notice and the pillar around which your furniture will be arranged. So why not make it as eye-catching as possible? We have several suggestions for styling a mantel to beautiful effect, so read on!

Use An Anchor Point

style a mantelpiece

When it comes to decorating, you want to be eclectic and show some personal flair while keeping things harmonized. A great way to do that when styling a mantel is to choose an anchor piece. This will be your focal point that sets the tone for the rest of the items you place around it. Pull colours and textures from your focal point to create a theme for your mantel decorations.

Create Contrast

style a mantelpiece

Once you have a vibe going, create some contrast with different patterns and colours. If you’ve mostly stuck to cool shades, add in a contrasting goldenrod or salmon pink. If your palette is light, add in a darker colour (many interior designers claim every room needs a bit of black to look complete!). The same goes with patterns: a few judiciously chosen ones can pop against solids.

Group Things in Odd Numbers

style a mantelpiece

The rule of threes is a standby in decorating. If you’re placing candles or other decorative items on your mantel, add them in odd numbers. Even-numbered groups look too symmetrical and stuffy. Grouping items in odd numbers ensures a more relaxed effect.

Elevate Smaller Decor

style a mantelpiece

If you have a beloved trinket you want to place on your mantel but its size makes it look miniscule next to other ornaments, elevate it! Placing items on books or decorative boxes creates interest and ensures similar heights.

Create Visual Movement With Layering And Heights

style a mantelpiece

Of course, we’re not suggesting all your ornaments should be the same height, quite the opposite. Having a variation of heights from say, a framed picture to a vase, guides the eye and keeps things interesting. Another way to mix it up is by layering objects in front of one another. Avoid lining your items in a neat row, which looks stiff and studied.

Make Use Of Your Wall

style a mantelpiece

The beauty of a mantel is you can lean heavy objects against the wall—no need to get out your hammer! Placing heavy pictures on your mantel allows for playing off the colours of your piece with candles, vases, baskets, and any other decorative items you can think of to jazz up your mantel!

Styling a mantel may seem daunting to the uninitiated, but with these simple tips you’ll have a beautiful centrepiece to your living room in no time. Let your creativity flow and show off your personality! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow along on the Caliber blog.