stunning and functional laundry room

Gone are the days when the washer and dryer were hidden away in a dark, unfinished basement. Now they’re often in plain view and they look spectacular! Glam up the laundry area in your home and make it a space you’re proud to show off. Ideally this area is a reflection of the rest of your home; to achieve this, here are our top tips on how to create a stunning and functional laundry room.

curb appeal

A home with curb appeal looks more inviting to others, but it also welcomes you home at the end of every day. It can certainly boost your home’s value, as potential buyers are immediately attracted to a well-kept property. Adding curb appeal doesn’t have to cost a lot, as there are multiple ways you can improve the exterior of your home. Here are seven ways to add curb appeal and increase your home’s value.

advantages to upsizing your home

Is it time to consider moving into a larger home? Over the past year, many have felt limited by the space available in their current dwellings. They’ve longed for just a bit more room for themselves and their families, and imagined how they would use and appreciate any extra square footage. Here are just a few advantages to upsizing your home. 

Design Your Perfect Home Office That Doubles As A Guest Room

If this past year has taught us anything in terms of interior design, it’s the importance of having a comfortable space where we can work from home. Having a proper set-up can increase efficiency and productivity, and reduce aches and pains. Most of us would also like to be able to use our home offices as a guest room, so we have a comfortable space for visitors to stay. There are lots of clever ways to do this, from installing built-in cabinetry to finding pieces that do double-duty. Here are our favourite tips to design your perfect home office that doubles as a guest room.

living room with a gallery wall

If you’re looking to refresh one of your walls or brighten up your living room, a gallery wall is the perfect solution. It’s a modern and playful way to decorate, using photos, prints, or art that can showcase your personal taste. A gallery wall is a great place to bring together many of the items and mementos you’ve collected over the years; displaying them together creates a unique, personalized story and can have great visual impact. Read on for ways you can approach your own creative display.

make your front hall stylish

Entryways can be thought of as an interior design mission statement of sorts: they are the first room people see when they enter a home and set the tone for the rest of the space. However, they also have many practical considerations, such as storing shoes, keys, and other essentials. Read on for our tips on how to strike a balance and make your entryway stylish and functional.

fall decor ideas

One of the joys of the four seasons is bringing in new interior design themes to match the season. We love getting creative with simple ways to evoke the time of year and refresh your space. Read on for our favourite fall decor ideas!

backsplash 101

When you think of kitchen design, the first things that come to mind are most likely appliances, counter tops, and cabinets. But don’t forget backsplashes! These practical kitchen features come in a wide variety of patterns and styles, and their selection can have a big impact on the look and value of your kitchen. Read on for our backsplash 101 guide!

flooring uprades

Floating shelves are all the rage, and it’s no wonder. They’re easy to install, suit a range of decorating styles, and are easy to personalize to suit your taste. If you’re not sure how to tackle this trend, read on for our favourite ideas on how to decorate with floating shelves.