Things to do in Kleinburg This Spring

Spring, the season when everything awakens from a deep winter silence and new life begins.The Village of Kleinburg is a quaint inviting town that is the ultimate place to spend a warm spring day enjoying the sunshine and beautiful season. Here are some ideas on what to do in Kleinburg this spring.

The Humber River Trails

The spring air and the promise of sunshine make these days perfect for spending your time surrounded by an oasis of trees and greenery on the Humber River Trails. Take a leisurely walk along one of the shorter trails, or challenge yourself and go on a full day hike through the scenic trails of Bindertwine Park.

Enjoy Some Maple Syrup

With the cold winter over, indulging in one of Canada’s sweetest treats is a tradition at the Kotright Conservation Area every spring. Treat yourself to this tasty experience while learning about the process through interactive displays and special guest speakers or simply enjoy a wagon ride, followed by a delectable maple filled meal. Regardless of how you plan to celebrate the maple syrup season, Kortright Conservation Area is the perfect place to be for this spring tradition.

The McMichael Canadian Art Gallery

With one of the largest collections of Canadian inspired art, educational programming and over 100 acres of trails to explore, the McMichael Canadian Art Gallery is the perfect place for you to spend a beautiful spring day. Start your day admiring the talents of famous Canadian painters like the Group of Seven, then experience a sense of wonder as you explore the beauty of Indigenous and Inuit bone art. In the afternoon, take a relaxing hike through the trails that run along the Humber River and admire the natural beauty that inspired many works of art within the collections. If you are searching for the perfect way to escape your busy life for a day, the McMichael Canadian Art Gallery is the perfect place to spend a warm spring day.

Enjoy Local Cafes and Shops

Kleinburg is known for its quaint downtown, complete with cozy cafes and shops that have a rich history of providing the community with unique items. Take a stroll down the main street and enjoy a custom made drink at the Cookie Crumble Cafe, then browse your way through the 100 year old General Store and finish your day admiring the 1950’s picturesque style of each building throughout the village. Overall, a day of walking in downtown Kleinburg and enjoying the sights is the perfect way to spend a relaxing spring day.

Pamper Yourself

Sink deep into relaxation mode and treat yourself to a spa day at one of the many spas located in the village of Kleinburg. With over 11 different spas to choose from, a day of relaxation and pampering is easy to plan in Kleinburg. Whether you are looking to get your nails done, need a full massage, or want a fresh new look for spring, the Village of Kleinburg has the spa for you. For a full list of local spas, visit the Kleinburg website.

Spring is the time of year to get outdoors, for fresh new looks and for taking time to enjoy the little things in life. Whether you are strolling the streets of the downtown, pampering yourself in a spa, or hiking through the trails, Kleinburg is the perfect village to spend some time in the spring. For more ideas on what to do in Kleinburg this spring, visit the Caliber Homes Blog.