Our top decorating ideas for the holidays

Decorating your home for the holiday season is one of the many festive activities enjoyed this time of year. To ensure a beautiful holiday home, plan before you begin. When selecting the holiday decor for your home, consider your home’s style. The holiday decor should complement your everyday decor, not overshadow or contrast it. Over glitzy can get old before the end of the season. Simple and natural is always a good choice. Read on for our top decoration ideas for the holidays.

Holiday Accents for Your Home

Holiday accents add the holiday spirit to your home. Accents are also a chance to add small, yet personal touches to each room. Here are a few examples of festive holiday accents.

Candles bring light and warmth to your home during the chilly holiday season.  Traditionally, many groups have used candles to celebrate their holiday.

  • The Jewish festival of Hanukkah uses silver, blue and white candles
  • The Christian festival of Christmas uses red, green, and gold candles
  • The secular festival observed by many African Americans of Kwanzaa uses black, red, and green candles

Celebrate the winter months with cold weather themed accent pieces such as penguins, snowmen, and polar bears.

Add character to your home by placing family photos in holiday frames and creating a family photo gallery.

Fill clear glass ornaments with pine needles, sage, holly, cranberries, or other holiday items and hang throughout your home.

Add the aroma of the holiday to your home. Keep a kettle of water with cinnamon stick, orange slice and clove added to it, simmering on your stove throughout the season.

Holiday Table Centerpiece

A gorgeous holiday centerpiece brings the holiday spirit to your dining space. Select a centerpiece that is size appropriate for the table, fits in with the room, and will last the season. Here are a few favorite ideas for your holiday table centerpiece.

  • Evergreen and holly branches bunched together with a holiday ribbon and placed in a crystal vase
  • A clear round bowl filled with fruits, ornaments or pine cones
  • Sat a large white candle on a silver platter and surround with pinecones, rosemary, and sage
  • Place a small cake plate on top of a larger cake plate. Fill the plates with evergreens, small ornaments, pinecones, and red berries



Holiday Decor for your Fireplace Mantel

The fireplace mantel is a home’s focal point for holiday decorating. If you don’t have a mantle, a bookshelf is a good substitute. The first step in decorating the mantel is to remove the everyday decor. Now you have a blank slate to create the perfect holiday mantel (or bookshelves).

For a modern look, run white tinsel garland along your mantel and dress it up with your favorite ornaments and holiday accent pieces.

For a rustic and simple look, skip the garland and decorate your mantel with wooden animals, pine cones and simple white candles.

For a natural look, drape the mantel with fresh evergreen garlands. Let the evergreen stand alone or dress it up.  For example:

  • Place oranges, lemons and limes on the evergreen for a homey look and a pleasant citrus smell
  • Place your favorite holiday figures and pine cones on the evergreen
  • Mix in small glass bowls of ornaments
  • Hide led lights or candles in the evergreen for a romantic glow in the evening
  • Mix in small poinsettia plants and holly branches

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