Our Coziest Winter Decorating Ideas for Your Home During the Holidays

A roaring fire, comfortable pillows, warm blankets, and a carefully decorated tree in the corner are only some of the things that give a home that inviting feeling. This holiday season, transform your home into a cushy haven for all of your friends and family with some of our coziest winter decorating ideas.

Decorate Your Front Steps

Give your guests a warm welcome by setting the cozy atmosphere of your home before they even enter! Decorating your front steps in deep red hues complemented by greenery, plaid, and lights is the perfect way to give a warm welcome to anyone entering your home over the holiday season.


Choose the Right Colour Pallette

Decorating your home to feel cozy during the holidays is a simple process, if you know what colour schemes to follow. According to interior designers for Better Homes and Gardens, drawing inspiration from the fireplace will make your living room feel warm and inviting, even if you don’t have the iconic cozy mantle. Using deep reds, combined with greys, whites, or dark browns will mimic the warmth from the fire and make your home feel cozy for the holidays.


Use Textures

The holiday season is known as the time of year when sweaters and knitted socks are in fashion; and keeping warm under your favourite blanket while cozying up to watch a movie make up most evening plans. Make your home feel just as warm as your favourite blanket, and switch your light linens for heavier, more textured ones. Using chunky knits and furry throw rugs will add an extra element of coziness to a bedroom, so your guests can feel right at home.


Make Your Home Smell Like the Season

Whether it’s fresh baked goods, cinnamon, or apple cider, there are many different holiday scents that can make your home feel warm and cozy; and many ways to spread those scents around your home. Use electric air fresheners in your outlets, a diffuser, or even old fashioned candles. Regardless of how you make your home smell good, the cozy scent will have your house feeling warm and inviting in no time.

Play Quiet Background Music

Although this is a very subtle way to make your home feel cozy, it is also very effective. Playing quiet background music clears the empty feeling from your home, leaving it feeling warm and inviting. Soothing instrumental pieces or traditional holiday songs can really lighten people’s’ spirits, making them feel comfortable in their surroundings, thereby enhancing the cozy atmosphere in your home.


Dress up your Doorknobs

Adding just a small touch of greenery throughout your home for the holiday season is another subtle way of making it feel cozier inside. One of the easiest methods of achieving this is tying sprigs of holly or pine boughs to each doorknob in your home. The smell of the pine will delight your guests’ senses and the contrast of the greenery with your everyday decor will make it feel like a cozy holiday home.

Making your home feel cozy and warm for the holidays is a simple process if you pay attention to some of the finer details. Making it smell good, decorating with warm colours, and adding some subtle holiday decor will help you achieve the cozy feeling you are aiming for when your friends and family come to visit you for the holiday season. For more ideas on how to make your home feel cozy, visit the Caliber Homes Blog.