Organize your bedroom for Better Sleep

A good night’s sleep reduces fatigue, drowsiness, and stress and also helps a person to be less susceptible to depression,  work accidents, diabetes, heart attacks and weight gain. One way for you to assure a restful night’s sleep is to organize your bedroom so that it is conducive to relaxation and comfort.  Below are five ideas of how you can organize your bedroom for a better sleep.

Only Use Your Bedroom for Sleeping, Resting, and Relaxing

Organize your bedroom for better sleep

The bedroom should be a place to rest, sleep, read, meditate, etc.  Remove your desk, the computers, phones, TV, and other distractions.  Also, avoid using the room for work, doing household bills, hobbies, exercise, etc.  The bedroom should have a single-purpose — resting.

A Clutter-Free, Clean Bedroom will Create a Calm, Peaceful Sanctuary

Organize your bedroom for better sleep

A clean, clutter-free bedroom will create a cozy, comfortable space to wind down at the end of the day.  Remove unnecessary items from your dresser top and night stand.  Hang your clothes up or put in the hamper.  Put other distractions like extra books and stacks of mail in storage or another room.  And, make sure you have easy access to what you truly need: the night light, one book or magazine, and a glass of herbal tea or water.

Invest in Blackout Window Treatments

Organize your bedroom for better sleep

Even a small amount of light can disrupt a deep, restful sleep and your natural sleep patterns.  Blackout window treatments, made with thick, opaque materials, will suppress even the brightest mornings, full moons and bright street lights; significantly increasing your chances of a better night’s sleep.

Select a New Mattress and Pillow that Fits Your Personal Needs

Organize your bedroom for better sleepYour bed is the most critical part of the bedroom that will ensure a better sleep.  The mattress and pillow you choose should reflect your unique needs for comfort and support and it is often recommended you review your needs and purchase a new mattress every seven years.  Also a bed free of clutter – extra pillows, stuffed animals, etc. – is more conducive to good night’s sleep.

Consider a Few Feng Shui Tips

Organize your bedroom for better sleep

  • For a sense of safety, place the bed so you can see the bedroom door while laying in bed without being directly in front of it.
  • Remove all mirrors from your bedroom. Mirrors are thought to bounce energy around a room, which can amplify worries
  • Accessorize in pairs; for instance, choose matching oval shape (no sharp edges) nightstands and matching night lights
  • Select relaxing colors such as cream, peach, beige, yellow, coral, tan or cocoa, light blues, greens, and lavenders.

Clean and organize your bedroom one task at a time and soon you will create a peaceful space to sleep and rest.  For more information on how to organize your bedroom for a better sleep visit Caliber Homes.