How to Create the Perfect Guest Room

Your luxurious lifestyle and warm inviting home are the perfect combination for hosting and entertaining. When family and friends come for an extended stay, you want them to feel comfortable and welcome within your home. Ensure this by creating a guest room that is both pleasant and functional. Here are some tips on how to create the perfect guest room:

Provide a Comfortable Bed

Your home may not be a 5 star luxury hotel, however, your guests should be guaranteed a good night’s sleep. When purchasing a bed for your guest room be sure that you have a quality mattress that won’t leave your guests tossing and turning all night. Giving your guests the guarantee of a good night’s sleep will leave them feeling refreshed and comfortable in your house.

Clear Some Storage Space

Your guests should be comfortable for the duration of their stay, and part of feeling comfortable is the ability to unpack and organize their belongings. Instead of using the spare room for storage, ensure that the closet has at least a small space where your guests can stow their suitcase and hang their clothing. Providing a space for your guests to unpack will make them feel more welcome in your home.

Create a Workspace

Although the main focus of the guest room should be creating a comfortable space within your home for people to stay, using the space for other purposes is also very possible. Creating a workspace in the guest room will make it easy for your guests to do any work while they are away from home, and it can also function as your office space or a homework nook when no one is visiting.

Provide the Luxuries of a Hotel

Soft towels, chocolates on the pillows and toiletries are some of the luxurious items that a five star hotel offers their guests. Give your guest room five star accommodation and provide your friends and family with a welcome basket that has some basic toiletries. Provide easy access to towels, and lay them out neatly on the bed where your guests can see them. For an extra added touch, finish the welcoming package with a candy or a chocolate on the pillow. Creating a welcome package will make your guests feel comfortable and spoiled as if they were staying at a luxurious hotel.

Supply Local Tourist Information

If your guests are from far out of town and are not familiar with the region, they may be wondering what attractions are offered in the surrounding area. Make their stay more exciting by providing them with some information about local attractions and events. Not only will this educate them on the surrounding culture and events, but it will also offer them some reading material.

The guest room does not have to be the room that you just throw together. With some careful planning and some extra added touch ups, your guest bedroom can be the perfect haven for your family and friends to look forward to. For more information on how to create the perfect guest bedroom, visit the Caliber Homes Blog.