How to choose the perfect bedroom lighting

A bedroom is a cozy retreat after a long hectic day. A place to relax and let the troubles of the day float away. Creating this atmosphere in today’s multi-functional bedroom can be difficult, but entirely possible. First off, choosing the perfect bedroom lighting is essential to creating a snug sanctuary. Four things to consider are the bedroom’s style, the type of light required, how much light is needed in each space within the room, and safety.

1.Consider Your Bedroom’s Style When Selecting Lighting

choose the perfect bedroom lighting

Your bedroom should be peaceful and relaxing. Your bedroom should also reflect your style. Light fixtures are a great way to add character and showcase your personality.

Choosing the right light fixtures is a big part of creating a calm and cozy atmosphere Here are several ideas on how to use lighting to enhance the style of your bedroom.

  • Wall sconces create warm and cozy lighting and add a modern, yet romantic feel to a bedroom
  • Pendant lights, suspended above the nightstands can add dramatic ambience to a small, snug bedroom
  • In a large, upscale bedroom, recessed accent light focused on an art or a photo display is the perfect way to add mood lighting to a space
  • The color of your bedroom is important when selecting lighting. Brightly colored rooms tend to need less light than darker rooms

2.  Consider How Lighting Will be Used in Your Bedroom?

choose the perfect bedroom lighting

Today’s multi-use bedrooms call for lighting that will accommodate the many tasks that take place in the room: sleeping, reading, home office, exercising, entertainment.  Consider these tasks when designing lighting for your bedroom.

  • Bedside lighting is essential for evening reading.
  • Floor lamps and sconces add warm ambiance to a room and can also serve as specific task lighting to a desk or reading chair.
  • An overhead light is necessary for lighting the entire room on those dark winter mornings. However adding a dimmer to the overhead allows you to cast a more soft glow when relaxing after a long work day.
  • Table lamps or hanging pennants are a wonderful way to add character and balance to a room.

3. Focus Light on Each Area of the Bedroom

choose the perfect bedroom lightingFor practical purposes, be sure to illuminate each area of the your multi-use bedroom. An added benefit of focused task lighting is that it creates multiple layers of soft light over the entire room. For example a floor lamp over your reading chair, sconces next to your dresser, and reading lamps next to your bed can work together to create layers of warmth and comfort.

4.  Light Fixtures Should Not Obstruct the Rooms Flow and Safety.


When selecting where light fixtures should go in the bedroom, consider where the outlets are, the traffic pattern in the room, and potential obstructions caused by floor lamps or hanging lights. It is important that floor lamps, extension cords, and hanging lights not be a hazard to those walking through the bedroom, particularly in the dark.

How you plan to use your bedroom, along with the style of the room, is essential to know when choosing the perfect bedroom lighting. Selecting the right lighting for your bedroom can not only make it a functional room but a peaceful retreat at the end of each long day.  For more information on how to choose the perfect bedroom lighting visit Caliber Homes.