Great Options for Daycare Next to Belmont Towns

Choosing which daycare to entrust with the care of your little one can be a serious decision. Luckily, our Belmont Towns community in Toronto is a wonderful, family-oriented location with many child-minding options. We’ve sifted through reviews and ratings and found great options for daycare next to Belmont Towns, so read on for our top picks!

Northwest Childhood Learning Centre


Founded by a mother of three, you can be sure this neighbourhood daycare focuses on both the special needs of individual children and a passion for learning. Programs are available for kids from 16 months to 5 years old that focus on fostering belonging and engagement, run by a nurturing staff. Located at 2978 Islington Ave, this daycare is open from 7am to 6pm Monday through Friday. Reviews offer glowing praise for the warm, inclusive nature and the healthy food made fresh daily. If you’re looking for a daycare next to Belmont Towns that’s within walking distance, look no further than Northwest Childhood Learning Centre!

Little Sunshine’s Home Daycare


If you love the sound of playful growth through outdoor play, emotional growth through connections with other children, and academic growth through educational activities, then look no further than Little Sunshine’s Home Daycare! With an emphasis on tailoring programming for individual children, this daycare believes in providing kids with resources and activities they can use in the way that best suits them. Many “open-ended” materials are given to children which can be interacted with in various creative ways. Reviews emphasize the many news skills children have learned at Little Sunshine’s and the caring and thoughtful nature of the staff.

Educare Kindergarten & Daycare


The tagline for Educare Kindergarten & Daycare is “A Place for Your Child to Grow.” With over 30 years of experience, this daycare puts into practice its mandate of evolution and education by having direct, active, and involved interactions with children. Both individual and group activities are emphasized, which offer different opportunities for development. Further, Educare believes in working with the family unit when children need extra support. Located at 2825 Islington Ave, this is a wonderful daycare next to Belmont Towns!

Lori Gardens Centre for Early Learning


With catered meals from a menu designed by a nutrition expert and a curriculum based around both planned and spontaneous activities, this daycare next to Belmont Towns really delivers on its goal of helping your child excel. An emphasis is made on being as accommodating as possible, as seen in their flexibility around food allergies and their strong accessibility policy. The curriculum is divided into pillars such as problem-solving and sensory experiences, allowing all the important areas of your child’s early education to be covered. Located at 2405 Finch Rd, this daycare accommodates infants and children up to age 12.

We can appreciate wanting to give your children the best opportunities for growing and connecting to others, which is why the choice of daycare is so important! We hope this list has given you great options near Belmont Towns to look into, and we know your child will appreciate the fun and learning found at these institutions. Remember to follow along on the Caliber blog for more great suggestions for childcare and more around Toronto.