Five Creative Ways to Celebrate Mom at Home this Mother’s Day

There is a woman in your life who is very important to you. She guided you through life, and made you the person you are today. That woman is your mother. Here are five creative ways to celebrate mom at home this Mother’s Day.

Cook a Special Brunch


For years, your mom is the one who fed you, so why not switch it around, and invite her over for a fancy brunch? If you are wondering what to serve her, Martha Stewart has some great recipes specifically for brunch. To add an extra special flare to the brunch, create a homemade menu like this one, and serve a fancy drink instead of plain orange juice. Add in some flowers, a nice gift, and a card, and you have the ideal brunch to show your mom your appreciation!

Plant Something Special

Flowers from the florist are a wonderful surprise for your mom, but they do not last long. Instead of the same old flowers, why not take your mom to the greenhouse, choose one of her favourite trees or plants, and plant it together?

Host a Surprise Party

This is the perfect way to make your mom feel appreciated! Gather all of your family and friends together for a surprise Mother’s Day party! If you have never planned a surprise party before, Wikihow has an article with tips about preparing, decorating, and keeping the surprise. Since you are hosting, your mom will be able to just enjoy the party and have a good time.

Create a Treasure Hunt

A lot of people think treasure hunts are just for kids, but the truth is, some moms too enjoy a good treasure hunt! Create clues that have some sentimental value, or memories associated with them, and hide the clues around your home.For an added bonus, leave her gift at the end of the treasure hunt! For some creative ideas on how to make your treasure hunt unique and memorable, this website has some suggestions. Use one of their pre-made scavenger hunts, or come up with your own! Either way, it will be a Mother’s Day your mom won’t forget!

Do Some Reminiscing

When was the last time you and your mom sat down and looked at family photos, or watched old home videos? Treat your mom to some of her very favourite memories by having a night of reminiscing. Dust off your old photo albums, and go through it page by page, or find an old VCR or DVD player so you can both enjoy a laugh at the videos from your childhood.

There are many ways to celebrate your mom at home, while making her feel special and appreciated without even needing to leave your house! For more information on how to celebrate Mother’s Day, be sure to check out  Caliber Homes’ Blog