Finishing your Basement: Top 5 Uses for a Basement Space

Converting your basement into usable living space should focus first on what you want and need and second on the potential added value to your property.  In fact, according to the last annual “Cost vs. Value” Report, from Remodeling Magazine, the recoup for the average basement remodel was 70.3 percent.  The top five uses for basement space that will add usable living space and  value to your home include:

Family and Game Room


When converting your basement into a year-round family and game room, it is imperative to winterize your basement so that it is toasty warm throughout the cold winter months.   Also, consider a plush, comfortable L-shaped couch,  facing an electric fireplace to create a cozy area for the family to gather.  And, because basements lack natural light, double up on recessed spotlights and accent lighting to ensure that all areas are well lit for shooting a game of pool or playing cards.

Media Room


Media rooms are a good choice when remodeling basements with low ceilings and no window light.  When converting your basement into a media room, it is important to soundproof by insulating the walls and installing carpeting.  And to maintain perfect and accurate colors on your screen, choose a flat finish in a neutral color, like mid-tone to dark shades of gray or brown, for the walls.

Personal Gym


Transforming your unfinished basement into a workout zone is simple.   Decorate the walls with inexpensive back-of-door mirrors, install impact friendly flooring, like rubber floor tiles, and install a surplus of low heat lighting. The crucial consideration in designing a home gym for your basement is whether there is enough ceiling clearance for the height of the exercise equipment.

Home Office



A home office should be about the size of a bedroom, private, and ideally have some natural light.  If you don’t have a private space in the basement, consider dividing a section off with a screen room divider or tall bookshelf.

Guest Suite


Turn the cold cement walls and floor of your basement into a warm, inviting home away from home for your out of town guests. A good start is to frame and drywall the walls, then paint with a light color and decorate with colorful fixtures.  Next, install a cork floor, which has natural heat insulative properties.   Finally, brighten the space by installing both recess lights and selectively placed accent lights.

Transforming your basement to usable space will not only release untapped value in your house but give your family more areas to spread out and enjoy their home.  For more information on finishing your basement: the top uses for basement space, visit Caliber Homes.