4 Great Brampton Transit Options Near Goreway Pines

Brampton is one of Ontario’s fastest growing cities and has what many consider the fastest growing transit system. Recently, many connections and routes have been added to better serve passengers and get them where they’re going fast! Read on as we break down your best bets for getting around in Brampton and the GTA near Goreway Pines.

Kitchener GO Line


One of the most popular options to get to downtown Toronto is the Kitchener GO line. With just five stops from Bramalea to Union, and trains running as often as four times an hour during peak times, getting downtown is a snap! The Bramalea GO station is located a convenient 12 minutes from our Goreway Pines community, and features parking and elevators for accessibility. One of the benefits of commuting by train is the chance to sit back and relax without fighting through traffic each morning. GO Trains have designated quiet areas on weekdays, so bring a book or settle in with your favourite podcast to enjoy some ‘me time’ before your day starts. There’s also regular train service on weekends, so if you’re heading to Toronto for shopping or entertainment, the Kitchener GO line is a great Brampton transit option!

VIA Rail Intercity


This may be a surprise to some who are accustomed to taking VIA trains on long distance trips, but the company also offers many convenient intercity lines. The heavily populated area between Quebec and Windsor, known as “the Corridor,” runs 36 trains daily. The Sarnia-London-Toronto line runs through Brampton GO station. This is another great option to get to downtown Toronto, but also offers the choice of going further west into Ontario. The Brampton GO station is accessible, offers parking, and is joined by tunnel to the Brampton downtown bus terminal. With stops both east and west of the city, the VIA Rail intercity line is a Brampton transit option that gets passengers where they need to be.

Brampton GO Bus


As previously mentioned, the downtown Brampton transit hub centres around the connected bus and train stations. This is a great option if you want to head to Toronto north, with lines going to Yorkdale and York Mills leaving about every half hour, as well as several lines going to Union Station. In addition, several local Brampton transit lines stop at this station, including the Queen and Main lines. Remember, don’t overlook the convenience of buses when it comes to Brampton transit options, as many lines are express to popular destinations.



Züm is the rapid transit bus line that connects Brampton to Mississauga, York Region, and Toronto. It was introduced in 2010 to help alleviate congestion as the local population continued to blossom. By all accounts it has been a great success,  meshing seamlessly with the existing GO lines to keep passengers moving. Popular terminals within Züm include Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, Humber College North Campus, and Mississauga City Centre. The best part is the line has many planned expansions, including more GO connections and a line currently being constructed  towards Pearson Airport. Great things are planned for this Brampton transit option, so keep an eye on it!

We hope you’ve learned something about your options for getting around in Brampton. One of the best things about this rapidly growing city is its infrastructure; which continually evolves to support its growth. Be sure to follow along with the Caliber Homes blog for more great tips on transit in your city.