Tips for Throwing a Great Victoria Day BBQ

Victoria Day Weekend is typically the start of summer for Ontarians, and many welcome the warmer days with a celebratory BBQ. As a host, you’ll find BBQs are a bit more relaxed than your typical dinner party and offer an opportunity for more creative entertaining ideas. Read on for our tips on how to pull together a great Victoria Day BBQ and have fun while doing it!

Go Retro With Lawn Games

victoria day bbq

Setting up low-key games that don’t take a ton of skill to play but engage guests while you’re at the grill is a great way to reduce your stress level as a host. Another bonus is that games force people to mingle and get to know each other without having to rely on conversational ice breakers. You would be amazed at how quickly complete strangers become tight when there’s a little friendly competition involved! Our favourites are games like bocce or horse shoe, which can be bought within an affordable range of $30 to $50. Setting up is typically simple and the rules easy to understand. Whatever you choose, you’ll find games that are relatively relaxed, yet involve a little strategy, are a great way to entertain guests during your Victoria Day BBQ!

Do an Unusual Cocktail Like This Watermelon Lemonade

victoria day bbq

Another idea we love is serving a signature cocktail and a “mocktail” version for kids. It’s a way of making sure everyone has a drink they love while simplifying the process for you as a host. This watermelon lemonade cocktail, served in a hollowed out melon, is sure to impress children and adults alike. This recipe is for a virgin drink, but you can easily add a shot of gin or vodka for a grown-up version. Don’t forget an umbrella or maraschino cherry garnish! We’re sure you’ll impress your guests with this upgraded cocktail for your Victoria Day BBQ.

Make Kid Friendly Food Like This Hot Dog “Race Car”

victoria day bbq

Keeping with the theme of kid-friendly foods and drinks, we’re in love with this cute recipe for a hot dog race car! For one thing, picky eaters won’t notice they’re getting a bonus serving of veggies with their hot dog. Further, children really appreciate small flourishes like this, and their parents will want to know how you did it! Luckily, this is one recipe that is deceptively simple to execute. All you need is sliced cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and some toothpicks to ace your Victoria Day BBQ!

Set the Mood With Lighting

victoria day bbq

One thing you may have experienced as a host is painstakingly preparing every detail of your backyard event, only to find that when night falls no one can see anything! It’s easy to be so focused on the menu and the drinks that you forget about lighting, but any BBQ that lasts into the evening is truly improved by the right outdoor lighting. You’ll find soft lighting that allows guests to see their food and the faces of those they’re in conversation with. There are lots of available options, the most obvious being string lights. However, if you don’t have an outdoor outlet, paper lanterns with battery-operated lights are a good option. Even candles will do, just make sure you place them in lanterns, which will prevent both fire hazards and the wind from blowing them out. Whatever you decide, make sure to include lighting in your Victoria Day BBQ plans!

Set Out Gift Tags and Pens So Guests Never Lose their Drink

A common cry of party guests is “Where’s my drink?” You can avoid this familiar mood killer by letting your invitees label their drinks. Simply lay out decorative gift tags, pens, and some ribbon or twine. Guests can write their own names (we recommend this to avoid any misspellings!) and attach the labels to their glass. An easy way to avoid two people laying claim to the same drink! You’ll find it’s small details like this that really let your Victoria Day BBQ come together.

We hope you found some helpful tips to throw an amazing Victoria Day BBQ this long weekend! Remember, have fun and don’t sweat the small stuff– a relaxed host is the best host. Make sure to follow along on the Caliber Homes blog for more great entertaining ideas. Have a safe and enjoyable Victoria Day Weekend!