How to Create the Best Study Area for Your Kids in Each Room

Children are resilient and smart, and learn at an incredible pace. School aged children often have homework and studying to do and to help them be successful, a study area in the home is the perfect way to motivate them. Here are some ideas about how to create the best study area for your kids in each room of the house.

The Kitchen

A study space does not necessarily have to be a desk. The kitchen table offers a hard surface for writing on and allows parents to multitask while assisting with any difficult homework projects. Avoid the clutter of art supplies on the table by using a storage caddy like the one pictured above. When your children are finished with their homework, the caddy can be stored somewhere out of the way, and the kitchen table can be set up for eating.

The Family Room

Studying and doing homework can be a fun and productive task if the right spaces are provided to complete it. The family room offers many corners that have the potential to be a book nook or a quiet study corner. Using pillows and blankets will encourage your children to curl up with their books and finish their daily homework tasks. For more writing focused tasks, provide your children with lap desks for a comfortable pillow filled corner, or ottomans with a tray to complete their work on. Using the family room study space will allow your children to complete their homework, but also feel less isolated.

The Bedroom

Although not all bedrooms provide ample space for a desk and a chair, there are creative ways to provide a study space for your children, regardless of the size of their room. A bed like the one pictured above is not only visually appealing, but the space beneath it provides the perfect corner for a cozy reading spot. If your child’s room is large enough, designating a corner for a desk is also an option. Just ensure that there is a spot suitable for writing as well as reading.

The Basement

If your home has a finished basement, there is an entire study space waiting to be created for your kids. Turn your basement into an at-home classroom by providing whiteboards for solving problems, a table for colouring and writing, and a cozy corner for reading. Making use of the basement space provides a low traffic area which, according to Sylvan learning.com will assist your child in finishing homework, and focusing better on their studies. The space can also grow and develop with your child.

Your Home Office

As a parent, you may be very busy and find it difficult to assist your child with homework, but also complete your work tasks. Eliminate the stress of work and home life balance by providing your child with a small space right in your home office to complete their homework and studying. To successfully create a space, use a small desk with pegboard to hang your child’s artwork, or organize their belongings. If your office has a lot of space, consider purchasing a desk that allows for two chairs, like this one. Regardless of how you set it up, designating a part of your office space for your children will make your life easier, and provide a space for your child to complete their homework or studying while you supervise them.

These are only a few of the ideas for where to set up a perfect study area for your child within you home. No matter what the size of your home may be, there is always a way to provide a study space for your children, which will improve their performance at school. For more information about how to set up the perfect study space for your child, visit the Caliber Homes Blog.