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7 Decor Tips to Make Your New House a Perfect Home

Your new home is like a blank canvas awaiting your personal touch in interior decor, furniture and style. With a brand new house comes endless possibilities for making it your own. Here are 7 decor tips to turn your new house into a perfect home.

Mix Old With New

Decor Tips

Adding the latest furniture trends to your home will help give it a brand new and luxurious feel. However, doing this can also make your home feel more like a store display and less like your home. To avoid a complete interior makeover, combine items you already have with a few new trendy pieces. Strategically mixing the old with the new will make your house look chic while also making it your own.

Recreate Familiarity

Decor Tips

Familiarity with your surroundings is a contributing factor to how comfortable you are in your home. Before relocating to your new house, take pictures of your favourite photo displays and/or art so that you can recreate them in your new house. Taking this step will create a familiar atmosphere and will immediately make your new place feel more like home.

Add Some Foliage

Decor Tips

Find your Zen in a large space by adding some natural foliage.The calming effects from the greenery will not only create a relaxing atmosphere, but it will also make the room more inviting while instantly make your house feel more like home. Plants have also been proven to calm stress levels after moving, as it provides you with the mandatory task of caring for something in your new surroundings.

Paint Your Surroundings

Decor Tips

To achieve a luxurious, yet comfortable feeling within your new house, choose a colour palette that your whole family agrees on and get started with a fresh coat immediately. Using colours like yellows, blues and creams will create a calming atmosphere, turning your house into a relaxing oasis for you and your family to enjoy. Updating the paint every few years will keep your house looking fresh and new.

Freshen The Air With Familiar Scents
Decor Tips

Your luxurious new house should be a reflection of your life and who you are. Make your house feel more like your own and choose a familiar scent to spread throughout the rooms. Whether it is the calming smell of lavender or the familiar scent of fresh baked goods; adding a comforting aroma to your surroundings will make your new house feel like home in no time.

Light Up Your Life

Decor Tips

The mood a room emits can be directly related to the type of lighting used during different times of the day. Updating the lighting in your new house will keep it looking bright and new, while also making it more personalized. To make your new house feel more like home, make sure you have a variety of lighting options in each room, suitable for different activities. Using a combination of overhead and task focused lighting will ensure that each room in your house has a comfortable and cozy atmosphere for your family to enjoy.  The Caliber Homes Blog has some excellent suggestions for lighting in the living room, as well as in the bedroom.

Cozy Up With Blankets and Rugs

Decor Tips

Large spaces in a new house can make it feel less like your own place and more like a model home. A simple solution to having a room that feels too large is to use an area rug to make the room more cozy. Adding throw blankets that compliment the colour scheme of the room will also help make the space feel less airy and more comfortable. Combining these two tips will make your living room cozy and make it feel more like home.

Overall, adding a personal touch is the ultimate way to make your new house more comfortable. Adding familiarity like scents, photographs and art will help transform your new place from a house to a home. For more ideas on how to make your new house feel more like home, visit the Caliber Homes Blog.